The Advantage Fit System features a 46% thinner shaft and 17% tighter curve are intended to reduce insertion force and leave the tape closer to the pubic bone1. Available with Advantage™ clear mesh or Advantage Blue mesh.

Advantage Fit™ Mesh Assembly

Centering Tab

  • Allows for proper alignment of the center of the mesh under the urethra
  • Allows the physician to apply counter tension to the sling while preserving the mesh integrity

Blue Dilator

  • To improve visualization during cystoscopy

Delivery Device Handle

  • Ergonomic handle fits into physician's hand allowing for ambidextrous use

Curved Needle Tip

  • 7mm curve is designed to place the mesh closer to the pubic bone and further away from critical structures1


  • Delivery device has been designed with a pusher for ergonomic finger placement that provides the user with greater needle stability and control during delivery