These pacemakers from Boston Scientific define a new era in pacing. Both leverage key aspects of our innovative high-voltage platform and incorporate new features, therapies and diagnostic options.

Rate Adaptive Pacing

PROPONENT pacemakers offer RightRate which combines our existing MV sensor with enhanced programming. The MV sensor is the only sensor clinically proven to restore chronotropic competence1. RightRate incorporates programming improvements such as automatic sensor calibration, a simplified user interface and a sensor replay to make patient optimization easier.

Management of Unnecessary RV Pacing

PROPONENT provide options to manage RV pacing in patients with varying degrees of conduction block. PROPONENTfeatures RYTHMIQ which is designed to minimize unnecessary pacing without clinically significant pauses. RYTHMIQ operates in an atrial pacing mode during times of normal conduction, switching to a dual chamber mode when a conduction block is detected. PROPONENT include AV Search+ which is also designed to reduce unnecessary RV pacing through the extension of the AV delay.

Respiratory Rate Trend

Respiration is a key vital sign; now Boston Scientific provides the ability to track it in a device. PROPONENT features Respiratory Rate Trend enabling you to help monitor your patients. Respiratory Rate Trend uses a transthoracic impedance signal to measure respiration and tracks daily maximum, median and minimum respiration rates.

RF Wireless Enabled

Boston Scientific knows how important efficiency is for your practice and designed PROPONENT to be easier to use for you and your staff. Both feature wireless telemetry to speed up implants and make follow-ups easier. They also offer increased ease of use with Boston Scientific’s universal user interface.