Why to choose AIMIS?

  • You save effort; if you are interested to export your products to other countries for example in Middle East, you just need to contact us instead of searching for list of different distributors or customers.
  • You save time; as the same reason mentioned above, we can save time for companies by finding their customers and also by doing the shipment and sale procedures.
  • You save money; you do not need to spend money to know the new market, we have done it before.
  • When your company is working with us, you have less risk in the trade market, we have our head office in Sweden and they do all business activities. We are dealing with the risk of shipment and selling in second country.
  • You minimize the risk of trade in an unknown market through us.
  • It is simpler for a company to deal with a single point of entry to a country than dealing with an unknown wide market.
  • It will be simpler for you to gather the essential information through us.
  • It will be simpler to to deal with invoices in some countries that have different trade style.