AIMIS AB is a an international trading company established to boost trading of unique and new products and services in markets over the borders with the head office is in Stockholm, Sweden.
We trade the best from east to west all around the world. We believe our success is based on knowledge and contacts. Researching in society, finding needs, building contacts, detecting most qualified product or service and finally action.

AIMIS AB firstly started by connecting east’s massive market to west’s edge driving manufactures, solution and service providers with emphasizing on products, solutions and services in following branches:

Medical (Health care technologies and equipments and medicines)




Our goal is to be a top trading company covering from east to west and a trustful bridge for companies to reach their customers more easy and effective. We will build a healthy and innovative company to lead the trading business worldwide in all aspects to give any person anywhere the right of using best services and products in order to accelerate the growth and development across the world.

AIMIS Vision

Our Vision is to make it possible for everyone everywhere in the world to receive desired services and products in order to be satisfied regarding to their needs, by providing a wider market for companies with right products or services/solutions .

AIMIS Philosophy

Although we are living in twentieth century with a fast movement to globalization but still there are many products and services that are missed in some markets despite the demands that exists their.
Our target market is any where that exist a demand which means an opportunity to serve that market with new service by matching right suppliers (sellers) to the right customers (buyers).
By studying the target market, finding the needs and missed products or services from one side and doing research to find the right manufacturer in the other side will make us to stand beside our competitives.

Aimis Team